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Crypto Coin Union

Most of us who were participated in the startup of this website and found the Cryptocoin Union we’ve been wandering around for years in digital infinity. Of course, there were good and bad experiences. Each of us has lots of stories, different situations and events in order to make a comprehensive book from all of that. But since this is not a subject we will be dealing exclusively with the essence. And she says – whichever the online job you choose, be well informed. Get away from websites on which they first show you pictures of “their happy families” which enjoy in luxury and exotic places and then mention what the alleged business is like. Believe that there never be jobs nor earnings.

When he started exploring the world of cryptocurrencies a bit more deeply, over the years one of our colleagues met with the perhaps most bizarre slogan: “Mine your first Bitcoin quicker with us than mud from your own nose!” Take care of such “bombastic nonsenses” because the fact is that the internet, as well as the life itself, is composed of good and bad moments. We wish you much more the good ones.And of course, technology or scientists shouldn’t be blamed for being innovative. Technology is not an obstacle to prosperity and freedom, it doesn’t create itself, but the man creates it. He is the one who is asking whether the technology will be used in a positive or negative direction. Although it’s very difficult for an overwhelming majority to get to know all the benefits of new technologies. Thus, in 2011, the majority of Bitcoin community members were made by people from the technological sphere, hi-tech freaks or some people from the financial industry. Today the situation changes and will change in the coming years.

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